Charity & Community

We are pleased to partner with local radio stations to help out those in need of a new home.

Hammers & Angels

Our Hammers & Angels volunteer program is helping local families in need.

2016 - CBS4 TV Denver covers the story of two families who both suffered tragedy are seeing their new home revealed after extensive remodeling and repairs completed by CQL's "Hammers & Angels" team. KBPI Radio identified two well deserving families who were in need of renovations on their homes and dozens of contractors pitched in as part the Hammers and Angels program. Many thanks to all the hardworking volunteers.


We partner with KBPI 106.7 Radio and Willie B. each year to do a random “Extreme Home Makeover” for someone in need. KBPI radio in partner with Hammers & Angles was just awarded the “2016 Best Community Service” event at the Colorado Broadcasters Association awards ceremony.


2015: YouTube - The Hammers & Angels Reveal - Keys to Your New Life

Willie B. of KBPI welcomes the recipients to their newly renovated home provided by the hardworking volunteers of ``Hammers & Angels.``

2014: KBPI's Photo Gallery of Hammers & Angels Projects

Visit the KBPI photo gallery of the Hammers & Angels Projects in 2014.

2015: YouTube - Hammers & Angels Project Home in Progress

Willie B. of KBPI provides a video update on the progress of the 2015 Hammers & Angels project home. Several contractors and hard working volunteers are making this dream a reality for the well deserving homeowners.

2014: CBS4 Denver - Hammers & Angels Project for Thornton Teen & Family

CBS4 TV Denver covers the story of how the Hammers & Angels project improves life for a Thornton family teen and their family.